At a Loss

The past 5 months have gone by without a word on here….

The end of summer brought the close of my business- a decision made after trying and failing to bring in clients. All I felt was failure and this weighed heavily on my heart. After my last shoot, I put the camera down and it stayed there. I did not pick it back up, for others or for myself. I did not feel like I had a right to….

I felt like this was bottom- but I was sorely mistaken. Life would prove to show me what bottom really was.

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The Arrow Project | Elizabeth

“I am not going to hide from depression anymore. It is a part of who I am and I can’t change that, but I can definitely take my life in my hands and do something about it. In the few months since I started taking antidepressants and therapy I have turned my life around and I finally see things looking up for the first time in a very long time. I am perfectly content with being me.”
Elizabeth Fehringer
Aug. 17, 2014

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The Arrow Project | A Personal Project, A Personal Journey

Many of you may know my story, some of you may not. For those who don’t, and even those who do, I have had quite a beautiful and blessed life. I was raised by two wonderful, loving, and ever-present parents along with my three siblings whom all of which I loved-LOVE- deeply. My life as a young child, sure it may not have been perfect, but I really couldn’t complain. I was a happy child. Continue reading