Family Lifestyle Portraits | Fort Collins, Colorado


I was so excited to get to shoot some family portraits for an old friend from high school. We scheduled for the end of May which happened to be when the weather decided to pour on us consistently for what has been about 2 weeks! I didn’t think it was going to happen but we got lucky- a break in the storm allowed for a quick evening shoot. The images turned out beautifully and it was so fun to see this little family.  Enjoy!
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5 Years

5 years… A lot happens in 5 years… 5 years is 60 months… 260 weeks… 1,825 days… 43,800 hours… 2,628,000 minutes…

You can pay off a car loan in 5 years, obtain a college degree, have a son grow to 4 years old…

5 years….

For many, today is about church and egg hunts and Easter eggs and chocolate. For me, its about 5 years.

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